Baking From 

The Heart

​​We are a family with a passion for food and flavor! We take inspiration from all cuisines & cultures, then translate those flavors into cake! Each one of our cakes is created with great care and becomes a work of art. No two cakes are the same! We cannot wait to share a little piece of our hearts with you! 

Crystal  & Doreen


What People Are Saying

I can't even begin to describe how happy I was with my wedding cake. I am really picky about cakes and my wedding cake was the most delicious cake I've ever had, no exaggeration. I ate the whole piece when my husband and I "cut the cake" because it was so good! On top of that it looked amazing. Crystal was great to work with and she has a lot of unique flavors which is what I am all about. My main layers was the tangy lime curry cake and it was to DIE for! I loved the orange cardamom and the coconut cream layers as well.  She is also amazingly affordable. I'm telling you, you will not find a cake that you will be more satisfied with!!!

Ashley Tingey

Wedding Client

Honestly, I normally don't like cake but this cake rocked my taste buds in a way that only those who have tasted it can understand! Crystal is super great to work with also, love her!

Amanda Wright

Birthday Client

Crystal makes the most delicious cake I have ever tried! Her cakes are beautiful and she is so easy to work with! I highly recommend her! She made such a beautiful cake for my moms birthday! Everyone loved it!

Blaire Watanabe 


I always feel like cupcakes are way too sweet and rich but Crytsals cupcakes are so light and fresh feeling and delicious! Her vegan cupcakes are just as delicious as the others that a person would never know they were vegan. Love them ❤️❤️

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